Project Summary
This project aims to educate 180 primary school children in the villages and rural part of villupuram district by providing them tuition, books, uniform and food.

In the rural parts of India, some big issue in education are transportation, facility, support and a basic guidance to children about education. Most of the children spend their time in working as child labor. some children are forced to work because of their poverty.


Every problem can be solved, here the solution is by providing them with good food, education materials, uniforms, by solving their transportation problem and some love and care. Empowering their family about education is the first and most important thing to solve. And the next problem is Food, education materials and Uniforms, these are the problems faced by the Children.

Long-Term Impact

Education is the key to rise a family above the poverty line. As children’s lives are transformed, their families are empowered to educate and care for them. It is education that leads to the road to betterment of a community.



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