We SCAWD (Society for Children and Womens Development) work for the people, we do our best to improve the education, environment, health, social awareness, women empowerment etc.

SCAWD has been issued with various awards for its excellent service for the poor and downtrodden women and children in the society. VISHVAJOTHI award, THANGAMANGAI award were some among them.

Programs and Projects we did.

1) Education

Education for tribal students:
“education is a birth right”

We have educated nearly 73+ students in the age group of 6-14 years , they were cultivated with good education skills. they were encouraged and motivated to develop their individual talents and skills.they were taught with life education tools for their better self management.

2) Women Empowerment
SHG(Self help group):
This program is to empower women, which guide them to get loan and a way to make earnings and live happy and stress free life.we have empowered nearly 250 groups.

JLG(Joint liabilty group):
JLG program is to empower women in agriculture, in which we guide them to loan and empower those women who work in agriculture. in this we help them to cultivate crops and increase the production growth level.

3) Health
Medical Camp:
A free medical eye camp was held at our taluk, this medical camp gave people a great access, via this nearly 400+ people got health profit.

Yoga program
We have did YOGA program for the kids to keep them away from mental stress. through this nearly 350+ kids around the age group of 6-16 got chance to utilize this program.
Social Welbeing

Awareness program
We have did neumorous awareness programs on social welbeing, care, love, non-violence etc..
and more projects and programs to be executed…….

4) Environment
we have been doing some stuffs to safe guard our environment, by this we have did a project called vermi-compost project. In which waste are converted into organic waste that can be used for farming.we did this project in tindivanam taluk.

Solid Waste Management:
In this project the waste products and plastic waste are converted to organic waste, it is all most like veri-compost.
Organic Farming:
The food we eat are not pure as we think, on this we have did a program called Organic farming. In this program we invited farmers around and teached them how to cultivate crops without chemical use age and increase the growth cultivation

5) Tribal development Program:
In this program we take some remote villages and execute the program for tribal development.
things that include this program,
Health program
Income generation

and more projects and programs to be executed……

we are available on GlobalGiving, Ammado, Benevity, Idealist, GreatNonProfits, etc

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